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January 29, 2021

Deciding on where to take a much deserved vacation

Where oh where..?

Many people say that planning a vacation is almost as enjoyable as being on the journey. Deciding where to go and what to do can be quite a task. But once you decide what area and location to pick, the excitement builds. However it’s not as difficult as you might expect to pick a favorite spot or explore a new area.

A vacation usually centers around activities you know and love

One of the top ways that people make a decision on where to go while on vacationing is by finding fun activities to enjoy. If you like biking for example there are many areas that cater to bicyclists and have pre planned out routes and trails. Whether it’s off road or traditional touring bicycling, find a spot and the best time for climate can be a high priority.

Or if you like hiking and remote places to get away from the crowds, Washington State has many such spots. With it’s scenic beauty and vast unspoiled regions throughout the state one is able to find solace while communing with nature

Wine tasting is a big hit with many who enjoy the fruit of the grape. Obviously California stands out as a top destination with many wine varietals. The central valley is becoming known for some superb wines of super vintage quality.


Amazing food choices when traveling to a vacation destination


Maybe you love to hunt in Colorado each year but after many seasons it’s time for a change. So, instead of Colorado check out other great hunting spots that might also offer the breathtaking landscapes filled with challenging game to track. Or maybe you are a gambling aficionado from Idaho, why not head to Nevada for some night lights and 24/7 action!

Theme parks are a huge vacation destination attraction

Many states if you’re going to travel in America have some stunning and adventurous theme parks. Adults as well as the kids can equally have a full day of fun and well into the night. In California many theme parks offer a stunning mix of activities for adults and kids alike. Another hot spot is Florida, where the vacation travel season is extended due to many sunny fun filled days. Another area of some “themed” theme parks in the Pigeon Forge Smoky Mountains region. Offering traditional fun and scary rides to taking a tram to take in the breathtaking scenery. One such “fun park” where the whole family can enjoy spending time together.

Other possible activity specific ideas are:

  1. Historical points of interest
  2. Culinary food specific
  3. Scuba diving
  4. Treasure hunting
  5. Gold panning
  6. Fishing(our favorite)
  7. Museums and historical towns

Just to name a few, as the possibilities are endless 🙂

Lodging and comfortable living spaces

Finding a great vacation rental to stay at while you enjoy your time away from home, can start by finding vacation rental owners who book direct and save you big to help heal your budget.

Being aware of some of the advantages like these could help you narrow down the possibilities as you determine where to go on your next vacation getaway. Always pay attention to the fine print when renting vacation home rentals. Some have restrictions regarding when and where you can travel.

Enjoy your travels and be safe on the road, as always.. ciao